Welcome to the world of… yesterday?

Ah, good old Game Boy Advance.

I can’t believe the whole system is almost ten years old. I still think that it has the best line-up of all the handheld systems, ever. So many great games to choose from and most importantly, most of them in beautiful 2D.

This site is a way to relive the whole experience, starting with the system launch and going successively through all of the games, or at least those that are playable. We won’t be going by the actual release dates, but by dumping order, which is almost the same thing and much easier to check.

Of course, I need to mention our precursors, Chrontendo, Magweasel, Pre-Sonic Genesis and Juggling Chainsaws. Thank you all for paving the way.

The order of business will be one game per week, played by me on a NDS Lite and a friend of mine using PC with Visual Boy Advance, with updates here each Sunday detailing our adventures in the world of portable 2D gaming of highest (and lowest) quality.

Hope you will enjoy it. I know we will.

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3 Responses to Welcome to the world of… yesterday?

  1. Good luck.

    I’m curious though, why start with the Advance? You’re missing the original Kirby that way. And Link’s Awakening, which is probably always going to be my favorite Zelda game because it was my first.

    • gbaweekly says:

      Green Tentacle Well, it was a toss up between SNES and Game Boy Advance, and given that I don’t really have much time for non-portable gaming anymore and the SNES emulator available on DS is rather crappy – GBA it is.

      I guess we’re just not that into 8-bit gaming (with some special exceptions obviously) and this is supposed to be fun, not torture.

  2. joedick says:

    Cool….I’ll be checking this out every week! The only issue with emulating (and with different formats at that) is we won’t get much perspective on the multiplayer (at least I’m assuming that’s the case).

    Regardless, good luck and I can’t wait to hear about some hidden gems!

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